Available Treatments

Dr. Maurice W. Smith, D.C.

Traditional & Drop Table manipulation: This is the treatment most often associated with chiropractic doctors. It involves the application of forces, which establish improved motion between spinal vertebra and on occasion other joints of the body. This treatment is very safe when applied to patients with appropriate health and tolerance.

Computer assisted mechanically assisted manual manipulation: This is the leading computer assisted manipulation tool. The tool is called the Impulse IQ R, manufactured by Neuromechanical. It is an extremely safe and well tolerated system of spinal manipulation. The advantage to this system is the application to a wide variety of patients who may not otherwise tolerate traditional manual manipulation. It also has the advantage of allowing the doctor and patient to know when satisfactory mobilization of affected joints has been achieved. No other system is as precise at determining mobilization. It is quickly becoming the favorite treatment method of many patients.

Axial decompression therapy: Decompression therapy has come to the forefront as a treatment option for the often painful and disabling condition of low back pain with lower extremity pain. Most patients can tolerate this method of treatment without the fear and risk associated with other treatment methods. When coupled with appropriate exercises and modification of activities patients can recover quickly and safely, gaining a lasting benefit and a degree of independence from treatment. The decompression device used is the Triton DTS manufactured by Chattanooga group. The advantage of this device is the affordability of treatment, often 80% to 90% below the cost of comparable systems.

Physical therapy: Physical therapy options include: Exercise, hydrocollator heat packs, cold packs, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and TENS. Of all of these adjunctive therapies exercise is potentially the most important and efficacious. Exercise is the entity, which allows the patient to become independent of repeated treatment interventions to the greatest degree possible.

Life style modification: Dietary recommendations, smoking cessation without the use of drugs, injury avoidance and other topics of health and wellness can be discussed with Dr. Smith.

Dietary supplements, topically applied pain relief products and orthopedic supports are also available to a limited degree. These products can be discussed with staff or Dr. Smith.

Common conditions treated:

Low back pain
Neck pain
Headache pain
Mid back pain
Leg pain
Arm pain
Ankle pain
Elbow pain

Fatigue and lack of wellbeing associated with chronic pain

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